Introducing.. The Dr Rob Non-Surgical Facelift

“The Ultimate Cosmetic Treatment”

Dr. Rob has combined his skills, experience and expertise in Full-Facial Aesthetics to bring you The Doctor Lips Facelift. The Dr Rob Facelift is completely non-surgical (No Scalpel) and combines the best facial treatments to give you The Ultimate Facelift. We believe that no other facial treatment is as effective to knock up to 10/15 years off your appearance and give you a healthy glow about you that you can truly be proud of.

The Dr Rob Facelift Combines..
  • Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
  • Wrinkle-Relaxing Treatment
  • Advanced Skin Rejuvenation
  • Lip Enhancement

Using these advanced techniques Dr. Rob is able to completely revitalise your look without the need for surgery, bandages and broken bones. The Doctor Lips Facelift is completely PAIN-FREE and incorporates natural hyaluronic acid to create a natural, youthful appearance.

Benefits of The Dr Rob Non-Surgical Facelift..

  • Replenish your skin and give it the boost it needs
  • Knock off up to 10/15 years off your appearance
  • Give your skin a look of natural vitality and youth
  • Get more confidence about how you look
  • Lift your tired, sagging skin
  • Feel great about yourself with healthy hydrated skin
  • Rid yourself of those deep set lines and wrinkles
  • Much safer than a surgical facelift
  • Avoid those HUGE cosmetic SURGERY bills

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