Kiss Botched Lip Jobs Goodbye

Get a Perfect Pout With Lip Enhancement by Dr Rob

Our Lips frame our smile and outline every word that comes out of our mouth. It goes without saying, that our lips are one of the most sensual and sensitive parts of the human body and play a major role in our beauty. When we look at a person’s face we look at two things, the eyes and mouth. Even though we may look at the eyes first, it is the lips that have the biggest impact on our first impressions of someone. When the lips are full and well-defined, they impart a sense of youth, health, confidence and attractiveness – whereas – thin, frail lips project fragility, dullness and old age.

Thanks to modern day cosmetic treatment this can now be achieved without surgery.

PAIN FREE Lip Filler Injections

Dr. Rob is an expert in Lip Augmentation and Advanced Facial Aesthetics. Dr Rob is based in Pencoed, South Wales and treats patients from Cardiff, Swansea and all over the UK.

Creating the perfect lips doesn’t follow a set pattern. Every person’s lips are unique and need to be designed specifically to suit you and ultimately achieve the look that you want. Whether you want a subtle increase in volume to compensate for natural ageing, to restore the shape you once had or a much more full bodied, seductive look – Dr Rob combines art and science to create perfect lips, every time.

“Don’t Be Fooled By Imitators..”

It takes an eye for beauty, experience, and expert precision to add just the right amount of lip filler, in just the right places. Too much lip filler and you’re looking at a botched lip job which have been made famous by a few Television personalities and movie stars. Don’t be seduced by cheap prices and inexperienced ‘facial aesthetic practitioners’. Your lips should be treated by a Lip expert like Dr Rob, who deals with the lip, mouth and facial area on a daily basis and who has specialist training in advanced Lip Design.

Dr Rob uses only the finest lip filler, Juvederm Ultra Smile, and best of all, He promises that your treatment will be completely PAIN-FREE. Yes, that’s what he said, PAIN-FREE.

Anyone who has had lip enhancement with a practitioner who doesn’t use the same techniques and materials as Dr. Rob will tell you how painful lip augmentation CAN be.

When you visit The Perfect Lips clinic in South Wales (just 20 minutes from Cardiff and Swansea) you can rest assured knowing you will be utterly relaxed during your time with us and walk away with stunning looking lips.

Benefits of Dr Rob’s Lip Enhancement

  • Get perfect lips expertly designed
  • Get a sexier and more feminine look
  • Look younger
  • It’s Pain-Free with Dr Rob!
  • Have fuller, more sensual looking lips
  • Choose whether you just want a subtle improvement in your lips, a complete reshape or a lot more volume.
  • Get rid of ageing ‘smile lines’ around the mouth
  • Feel much more confident about your looks and smile
  • And much more..

Get that “Hollywood Look” and choose your Celebrity Lip Style Now.