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“100% Recommended!”

“100% Recommended!”

“I have always been against ‘lip injections’ because as a photographer of models I see lots of girls who have had their lips done, and so many have ended up with a trout pout or it has simply gone wrong. This was until one of my close friends showed me her new lips done by Dr Rob! I took the plunge and arranged a free consultation with Dr Rob; I had them done the same day and I LOVE them!

No pain, no trout pout and so many compliments. Dr Rob is a fantastic person and makes you feel so at ease. I’ve recommended him to lots of people and they are also hooked!”

Anna Kelle Photographer as seen on MTV

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“Wow My Lips Are Amazing!”

“Wow My Lips Are Amazing!”

“After having my lips done with Dr Rob I am over the moon! I was quite anxious before the treatment, however Dr Rob was so reassuring and helpful in making me feel confident about the whole thing! My lips are much fuller and so many people have complimented me on my appearance. I would definitely recommend Dr Rob and the wonderful service he provides.”

Laurie Williams as featured in GQ Magazine

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“I absolutely LOVE my new full lips!”

“I absolutely LOVE my new full lips!”

“I’ve had my lips done previously at other clinics, and each time I dreaded it – the pain was unbearable.

A friend of mine went to see Dr Rob, she told me how painless it was! He was so professional; he really listened to her needs and shaped her lips exactly how she wanted them. I thought to myself, I must go!

Now I absolutely LOVE my new full lips and have since been back to Dr Rob for BTX and even had a dental consultation. I certainly wouldn’t go anywhere else for my cosmetic enhancements. I don’t dread it anymore and I actually look forward to going! I’d definitely recommend everyone to get Perfect Lips by Dr Rob.”

Kathryn Kift Professional Makeup Artist as seen on MTV

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The Secret To Perfect Lips…

The main feature of your mouth and the ones that are constantly on display are your lips.
Studies have shown that full, beautiful lips are more attractive and make you look younger. This is why a perfect pair of lips gives off confidence and beauty which everyone strives to achieve. Not that long ago, to have fuller lips you would only be able to use lipstick to make your lips appear fuller.

Lip augmentation just didn’t exist and the lucky ones who had naturally stunning lips would get the second glance and the attention the rest of us secretly craved.

Well that was then, and this is NOW…

With the recent breakthroughs in cosmetic facial aesthetics you can now be one of the lucky ones. You can have stunning, fuller natural looking lips with modern day lip enhancement by Dr Rob.

Dr Rob is based in Pencoed, South Wales and treats patients from Cardiff, Swansea and all over the UK. He only uses the latest Lip Fillers such as Juvéderm® ULTRA Smile which is made from a naturally occurring substance found in the human body to plump and shape your lips, giving you a more beautiful, youthful look.

There’s nothing more unattractive than over-enhanced lips which is why Dr Rob ensures your lips are sculpted perfectly to suit the shape of your face and match the look you want to achieve.

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