6 Reasons To Choose Us

1. Lip Specialist

No other medical professional is in contact with lips more than dentists, which is why being a cosmetic dentist, Dr Rob is a professional in every sense when it comes to your lips. We believe lip enhancement is an art and the lip doctor must ‘have an eye’ for lip design in order to achieve perfect results. Dr Rob’s exquisite work speaks for itself which is why his clients absolutely swear by him.

2. Exclusive Treatment by Dr Rob

When you visit The Perfect Lips Clinic to have treatment you will be treated exclusively by Dr Rob, and nobody else. Dr Rob has been fully trained in expert Lip Design and doesn’t allow a regular nurse to administer any of the facial aesthetic products to his clients. This ensures you are in expert hands and you can get perfect results – every single time.

3. Ultimate Comfort

Being a cosmetic dentist, Dr Rob is qualified to administer local anesthetic injections to his clients. This ensures your lip treatment is completely PAIN-FREE as anyone who has had lip filler without local anesthetic will tell how uncomfortable it can actually be. New clients are often blown away at how comfortable their treatment was with Dr  Rob and have vowed never to have treatment without it.

4. Second To None Sterilisation

Sterilisation is an absolute must and preventing infection is a critical part of being an excellent facial aesthetics doctor. Dr Rob treats his clients in a clinical environment to ensure every measure is taken to keep a high level of sterilisation. Not only that, but Dr Rob uses “One Use Only” instruments to carry out all of your treatments. He will never use the same instrument twice. Ever.

5. IHAS Registered

The FIRST and ONLY practitioner in Wales to be awarded this certificate. Performed by trained people in the right surroundings, these treatments are safe. You can only be sure the person you are going to allow to inject you is properly qualified, and the premises safe when you see the IHAS Quality Assurance Mark:

IHAS Registered


6. You Are Fully Insured

Being a cosmetic dentist Dr Rob has all the necessary insurance to cover you, so you can rest assured knowing your are in safe hands.

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to the people who really matter and visit the patient testimonial page.

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